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Found this superb Gouden Carolus Single Malt Whisky hidden away on another website. Well worth a try, it’s my new favourite for this year…..



Gouden Carolus Single Malt is a refined whisky distilled from the mash of Gouden Carolus Tripel beer. A first for Belgium are the hand hammered, copper pot stills, in which the pure mash is distilled. The result is a pure and clear distillate.

The ensuing aging in classic Bourbon barrels followed by a further aging in Het Anker barrels (wooden barrels made by a barrel maker in accordance with our own specifications) results in a refined whisky with a full and balanced taste.

Gouden Carolus isn’t the first Belgian Single Malt I’ve tasted or bought, it certainly has quickly become my go to whisky to help people introduce to the wonderful world of whisky. It is surprisingly soft to drink, lacking the harsh burning sensation of some more aged whisky varieties. But it also features just a hint of “crème brulée”, which manifests itself after a little while.

Nose: attractive nose, despite the obvious youth. Fruity notes (apricot jam and apples), moving to fruit gums and eventually also nice Guimauve / marshmallow notes. There’s a slight Irishness to it. Quite some vanilla. Scented wax candles. Hints of fresh oak shavings as well. Slightly ahead of its age, good. Mouth: full-flavoured, very malty, still quite fruity although there is also a slightly harsh grainy note (which may disappear with some extra years). Vanilla, soft ginger and pepper. Finish: medium long, drying with the oak moving forward. Nutmeg and vanilla.

This new Gouden Carolus single malt is better than I expected. The obvious beer notes of the previous release are gone and replaced by classic malty notes and spiced fresh oak influence.

Winner of 2 Silver Medals
Country of origin: Belgium
Aged: 3 years 1st Fill Bourbon barrels (30 months), Het Anker barrels (6 months)
Aroma: Fruit, vanilla and creme brulee
Taste: Full and balanced; notes of wood, vanilla
Serving Temperature: Room temperature (21°C)
Serving tip: Pure or with a drop of pure, fresh water
Size: 1 x 500ml
Strength: 46% abv

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Scotch whisky’s opponents will appreciate blast times somewhere around 2015 and 2020, with development of almost 5% every year, as per another study.

Global Wine and Spirits Research’s most recent report into whisky/bourbon made outside Scotland demonstrates the fragment is ready to develop deals by 4.7% a year to 363.4million cases by 2020.

The Global Non-Scotch Whiskies Insights Report says almost 75% of development will originate from India, where the business sector is overwhelmed by local items, while US and Irish refineries are additionally anticipated that would flourish.

US bourbon deals are conjecture to hop 4.4% a year through 2020, helped by “another flood of item advancement”.

Irish bourbon oversaw yearly increments of 10.5% in the six years to 2014 to end up the quickest developing spirits class, and its development is relied upon to proceed.

The report says the principle challenge for US and Irish organizations is to deliver enough bourbon to adapt to request.

Worldwide offers of whisky created in Scotland have been mauling their way back towards development.

The estimation of universal Scotch deals fell 7% in 2014 as political instability in key markets took its toll however, notwithstanding the drop, Scotch was still the nation’s top fare that year – getting £3.95billion.

Furthermore, the decrease is moderating. The 3% dunk in the estimation of fares in the initial six months of 2015 was a change on the 11% year-on-year drop recorded in the main portion of 2014.

Single malt fares, in the interim, were up 5% to £406million in the principal half of a year ago.

Scotch deals expanded 2% in the UK a year ago, a business sector which has been powerless for two decades even with elevated amounts of tax collection.

Exchange body the Scotch Whisky Association (SWA) demanded yesterday what’s to come was splendid for Scotland’s refineries.

The non-Scotch section may kick-begin individuals’ enthusiasm for a measure however those same devotees will in the long run make the movement on to Scotch, on account of its “unmatched” quality, SWA included.

SWA CEO David Frost said: “The viewpoint for Scotch is solid. The Scotch whisky industry has a profundity, assortment and nature of item that unavoidably attracts customers to Scotch, regardless of the possibility that they start their whisky venture with another class.

“Scotch remains the world’s driving fantastic soul drink, with fares of £4billion yearly. Without precedent for a long time the UK advertise additionally expanded in 2015.

“And also creating developing markets, for example, India and Columbia, SWA will keep on pressing the case for more pleasant tax collection of Scotch whisky in the UK so we can keep on growing markets at home and abroad.”

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